Checkweighers are used in various industries such as the food or pharmaceutical industry, for checking product weight, completeness and other applications. Minebea Intec offers a wide variety of individually configurable checkweighers - from the inexpensive entry model to the premium high-end checkweigher. Our checkweigher product portfolio offers a wide range of checkweighers from in-line checkweighers and end-of-line checkweighers to combinations of checkweigher and metal detector.

A dynamic checkweigher is used in the production of piece goods to monitor and sort (classify), enabling fully automatic weighing of all produced products (100% control), where the products are weighed over the weighing conveyor belt, without stopping, i.e. in dynamic condition. Dynamic checkweighers are permanently integrated into a production line and check the products in production at throughput rates of usually 20 to 200/min, maximum even 600/min). Dynamic checkweighers (with or without integrated metal detectors) provide an enormous amount of important data about the actual performance (and thus efficiency) of production lines due to their complete recording of all measurement results.